Book a Be Cancer Safe Information Session

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What is a
Be Cancer Safe Information Session?

The Be Cancer Safe team can visit your organisation to talk to your employees, members or clients about cancer signs, symptoms and screening. We can do this either by leading a workshop or an information 'stand' at your organisation. The Be Cancer Safe team aren't clinicians - we just want to spread the awareness message as far as we can, and we'll ask session attendees to share the information with their own communities. 

What happens during an
Information Session?

Our Information Sessions are adaptable to the needs of your organisation. The standard length is normally 30 minutes, but we can make this slightly shorter or longer dependent on the time available.

Using a number of interactive activities, we will tell you about the different types of screening that are available in England and the signs and symptoms of breast, bowel, lung, prostate and cervical cancers. At the end of the session, attendees will be asked to pledge to spread the Be Cancer Safe message amongst their own communities.

We can specifically focus on one or two cancers if it would be more beneficial for an audience - for example, for a group of men, we might concentrate on prostate, bowel and lung cancers.

We aim to present the Be Cancer Safe message in a positive way; although a cancer diagnosis can be devastating, catching cancer early saves lives and by spreading this message, more people in North Derbyshire should survive.